A concert that encompassed and culminated a lifetime of illusions and achievements.

It was a tribute to the Spanish classical guitar.

A commitment to Spanish musical culture.

A tribute to all those who cultivate this instrument and spread it around the world.


Works composed by Angel Piñero


Solo guitar

  • Meditación. Performer Luca Romanelli (Italia)
  • Preludio azul. Performer Stanislav Steshenko (Ukraine)
  • Evocación. Performer Stanislav Steshenko 
  • Murmullo musical. Performer Stanislav Steshenko 
  • El viento de la vida. Performer Stanislav Steshenko 
  • Caprichos. Performer Stanislav Steshenko 

Composed in 2020 in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, as a tribute to the pain and the victims of the pandemic.

Preludio azul 
To my mother, victim of the voracity of the Spanish Civil War. She must be in heaven and therefore bears the name Preludio Azul.

I remember my post-war youth with my brother and his support in helping me to become a musician. This work reflects in its notes, the sacrifices we made to get ahead in our youth.

Murmullo musical 
It is a musical murmur in major and minor keys simulating a continuous stream of notes.

El viento de la vida 
Prelude dedicated to life, its drive and strength.

This is a spontaneous and playful work. The interplay between melody and chromaticism gives it a special interest.

Guitar and dance | Premiere

  • Canto al difunto Francisco. Performer: Luca Romanelli (Italy). Dancer: Manuel Garrido (Spain)

    Canto al difunto Francisco

    My father disappeared during the Spanish Civil War.

    The play begins with some searching sounds: Where are you? Where are you?
    57 years later I found him in Argentina and went to see him.

    It is a funeral dirge. The melody alone is slow, then it is repeated faster with harmonic intervals in its first note, and finally the melody, enriched by intervals of thirds, shows the joy of finding each other after many years.

    All is joy! We want him to come to Spain, but my father gets ill and dies, he was 89 years old. The piece repeats the initial chords again with some variation and says goodbye with beats on the strings (tambora).

    I composed it on the plane and played it alone, while he was present in person.

Guitar and singing | Premiere

  • Balada a una desconocida. Perfomer: Luca Romanelli. Soprano: Estíbaliz Martyn (Spain)

    Balada a una desconocida
    Dedicated to the classical guitar, unknown to so many people. With its melody that caresses the soul, with its sonorous beauty, alone and independent, small orchestra, that can be accompanied by any instrument, including the greatest orchestras.

Guitar and string quartet

  • Viaje nocturno. Performers: Luca Romanelli and Cuarteto Chagall (Spain)

    Viaje nocturno

    Dedicated to my wife, Catherine Lacoste, with all my love, on a long night journey in rain and wind, keeping calm.
    It is a traditional sonata


Guitar and symphony orchestra

Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia (Spain)

  • Plenitud. Performer Luca Romanelli
  • Fantasía andaluza. Danza andaluza Nº3. Performer Luca Romanelli
  • Canto a la serranía | Premiere. Performer Luca Romanelli
  • Alegrías en el puerto. Danza andaluza Nº2. Performer Stanislav Steshenko
  • Brisas de Cádiz. Danza andaluza Nº1. Performer Stanislav Steshenko

Inspired by the greatness of the sea in a journey through the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Fantasía andaluza. Danza andaluza Nº3
Inspired by Andalusian airs.

Canto a la serranía
Dedicated to Espera, a town in Cádiz on the Route of the White Villages of Cádiz.

Alegrías en el puerto. Danza andaluza Nº2
Inspired by the Alegrías gaditanas.

Brisas de Cádiz. Danza andaluza Nº1
Inspired by the sunsets of Cádiz.