The concert took place at the Teatro Real in Madrid and featured the Orquesta Clásica Santa Cecilia (Fundación Excelentia), conducted by José Antonio Montaño, considered by the specialised music press as “one of the most promising Spanish conductors of the moment”.

The concert featured the participation of the winners and finalists of the last editions of the Ángel G. Piñero International Classical Guitar Competition, Luca Romanelli (Italy), Stanislav Steshenko (Ukraine) and the Chagall Quartet (Spain), who performed works by Ángel G. Piñero, as a contribution to his great career as a composer. Special guests were the soprano Estíbaliz Martyn (Spain) and the dancer Manuel Garrido (Spain), from the Opéra National de Paris. The guitarist Roman Zorkin (Russia) was scheduled to participate, but for reasons beyond his control, he was unable to travel to Madrid to take part in the tribute to Ángel G. Piñero.

The artists and performers of the concert at Teatro Real

Interview to Ángel G. Piñero, composer and classical guitarist

Ángel shares with us his life and his dedication to the classical guitar in a personal interview.

Concerts in which works by Ángel G. Piñero have been performed

The works of the guitarist and composer Ángel G. Piñero have sounded in various concerts and venues in Madrid.

Monographic concert by Ángel G. Piñero at Club Monteverdi

(Madrid) | 15/01/22

On January 15, a comprehensive concert of works by Ángel G. Piñero took place at Club Monteverdi, in Madrid, offered by the Ángel G. Piñero Classical Guitar Association in collaboration with Fundación Excelentia.

Various works were played for solo guitar and for guitar and quartet, performed by the Russian guitarist Roman Zorkin and the Cuarteto Chagall Quartet, integrated by Cristina Pascual (violin), Miguel Muñoz (violin), Abel Nafe Rosch (viola) and Irene Celestino (cello).

  • Solo guitar: Meditación. Composed as a tribute to the pain and the victims of the pandemic.

  • Guitar and quartet: Plenitud, Fantasía andaluza. Danza andaluza Nº3, Alegrías en el puerto. Danza andaluza Nº2, Canto a la serranía y Brisas de Cádiz. Danza andaluza Nº1.

Monographic concert by Ángel G. Piñero at the SGAE headquarters

(Madrid) | 11/11/21

On November 11, a comprehensive concert of works by Ángel G. Piñero took place in the Manuel de Falla Hall at the SGAE in Madrid. The event, offered by the Ángel G. Piñero Classical Guitar Association, was part of the SGAE concerts programme.

Various works were played for solo guitar and for guitar and quartet, performed by the Ukrainian guitarist Stanislav Steshenko and the Cuarteto Chagall Quartet: Preludio Azul (Guitar), El Viento de la vida (Guitar), Murmullo Musical (Guitar), Balada a una desconocida (Guitar and quartet), Viaje nocturno (Guitar and quartet), Alegrías en El Puerto (Danza Andaluza Nº2) (Guitar and quartet), Canto a la serranía (Guitar and quartet) y Brisas de Cádiz (Danza Andaluza Nº1) (Guitar and quartet).

Spanish music for string and guitar. Works by Ángel Piñero

Getafe (Madrid) | 07/11/21

The Italian guitarist Luca Romanelli visited the “Espacio Mercado” in Getafe (Madrid) on November 7, where he performed with the Getafe City Symphony Orchestra. He carried out a comprehensive series of works by Ángel G. Piñero: Canto a la Serranía, Fantasía Andaluza and Alegrías en el puerto.

En noviembre y diciembre, tres guitarristas internacionales tocarán obras del compositor y guitarrista Ángel G. Piñero, incluyendo dos programas integrales.

Las obras del guitarrista y compositor Ángel G. Piñero sonarán en diversos conciertos y espacios en noviembre y diciembre. Serán interpretadas por tres magníficos guitarristas de fama internacional: el italiano Luca Romanelli, el ucraniano Stanislav Steshenko y el mexicano Christopher Avilez.

Integral de Ángel G. Piñero, por Luca Romanelli

El guitarrista italiano Luca Romanelli visitará el ‘Espacio Mercado’ de Getafe el próximo domingo 7 de noviembre. Allí llevará a cabo una integral de obras de Ángel G. Piñero. Serán Canto a la Serranía, Fantasía Andaluza y Alegrías en el puerto…

Stanislav Steshenko interpreta Ángel G. Piñero

El día 11 de noviembre tendrá lugar otra integral de Piñero, esta vez en el Salón Manuel de Falla de la SGAE. La cita, ofrecida por la Asociación de Guitarra Clásica ‘Ángel G. Piñero’, se enmarcará en los conciertos de la SGAE. Sonarán diversas obras para guitarra sola y para guitarra y cuarteto, ejecutadas por Stanislav Steshenko y el Cuarteto Chagall.

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El 11 de noviembre a la 19:00 se organiza a través de la Asociación de guitarra clásica Ángel G. Piñero, un concierto de guitarra sola y guitarra y cuarteto de cuerdas en la sala Manuel de Falla de la SGAE. Es un concierto monográfico de parte de las obras de Piñero, que serán interpretadas por un concertista ucraniano premiado, Stalisnav Stetshenko y el cuarteto Chagall.

El programa incluye las obras Preludio Azul, El viento de la vida, Murmullo musical, Balada a una desconocida, Viaje Nocturno, Alegrías en el puerto, Canto a la serranía y Brisas de Cádiz.

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Guest artists

Manuel Garrido, Spanish dancer with the Opéra National de Paris, who performed as a guest artist, talks about his career and what it was like for him to perform on 24 March at the Teatro Real.